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The Poisonous ABCs: From Aconitine to Zetekitoxin

I’ve been wanting to write the Alphabet of Poisons for some time now, and what better time than the 100th post of Natures Poisons. The structures are hand drawn with fountain pens, which you may have noticed in recent posts here and on Twitter, so if there’s a smudge or the bond angles aren’t perfect, that’s why.

There are so, so many poisons and toxins to choose from – especially C, inexplicably there are dozens of poisons that start with C – so if I didn’t include your favorite, let me know, and maybe it will show up in another iteration. I have links to poisons I’ve written about before at the end of the ABCs.

Thank you all for your support over the years, the insightful comments and stories shared are wonderful, so enjoy this special 100th post of Natures Poisons!An Alphabet of PoisonsAn Alphabet of Poisons(1)An Alphabet of Poisons(2)An Alphabet of Poisons(3)An Alphabet of Poisons(4)An Alphabet of Poisons(5)An Alphabet of Poisons(6)An Alphabet of Poisons(7)An Alphabet of Poisons(8)An Alphabet of Poisons(9)An Alphabet of Poisons(10)An Alphabet of Poisons(11)An Alphabet of Poisons(12)An Alphabet of Poisons(13)An Alphabet of Poisons(14)An Alphabet of Poisons(15)An Alphabet of Poisons(16)An Alphabet of Poisons(17)An Alphabet of Poisons(18)An Alphabet of Poisons(19)An Alphabet of Poisons(20)An Alphabet of Poisons(21)An Alphabet of Poisons(22)An Alphabet of Poisons(23)An Alphabet of Poisons(24)An Alphabet of Poisons(25)

Links to Nature’s Poisons posts (I haven’t written about all of them yet, so ones without links are just placeholders):

** Featured image of Aconitum napellus by Juan Jose Sanchez (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) **

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