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I’m Back


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and for that I apologize. Life and stuff, you know? I stopped to focus on my career. Needless to say, that bit me in the ass. As my colleagues delicately put it, I got f***ed. But hey, it happens. That’s life, right? What hurt the most though, is that in that time period, I turned down some great opportunities – personal and professional. Things that would have made me happy. So I did what most people do, I looked for work elsewhere.

It turns out I am desirable. And that’s not to brag, rather, I don’t give myself enough credit for being very good at what I do, and seeing I am valued by others. So I had a job all lined up, everything I thought I wanted. My own lab, with a famous and fabulous history. It would have been life changing. So I did what most people wouldn’t do, I turned it down. It was probably the hardest adult-type decision I’ve had to make. The main reasons were family, I just didn’t want to disrupt the lives of my three girls. There was also a small bit of being afraid of failure, and having to move again, that played a role too.

So here I am. Back. I started this site because I like learning new things, and teaching new things. Science and poisons are cool and I like sharing them. Also, I would love to be a writer, and you can’t do that without writing, right? I need to get back to the basics  and do what makes me happy: Learning, Teaching, Writing.

** The image is one of my girls – I don’t know which – atop Hanging Rock in NC **

13 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. I missed you on the other side of the Atlantic (Milan, Italy). I have long found a bit of consolation (just a bit) by reading again and again many of your past wonderful posts—and enjoying myself while throwing some light with your help and inspiration on the dangers of Nature for the benefit of listeners at my medical conferences. Welcome back. And dont’t forget to give us, poor Europeans, some hints, at least occasionally, also about “our” Nature’s Poisons and not just American Nature’s Poisons. Socrates that experimented with hemlock in 399 B.C. was an European and that hemlock was growing in not far from Athens, after all…

  2. Hey welcome back! Ever since I started my blog on glycoalkaloids, I always remember seeing your posts as the most similar blog on google. I’m glad you’re back to writing and sharing your knowledge!

    Hope to catch you around!

  3. Lovely surprise! Nice to hear from you again.
    Children are one of the very very few things that really matter in life.
    Best wishes for you and your family.

  4. Welcome back. Regular reading of your blog reminds me to snicker every time I see a food or other consumable product touting the benefits of being “all natural” (often accompanied by “chemical free”, which it seems to me is inherently contradictory, since presumably if it were possible to have a chemical-free substance, it would be more appropriately described as “supernatural”).

  5. I’m glad You’re back. I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. Informative and funny together is a killer combo. Not as big of a killer as that dick Oleander plant…🤣🤣

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